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Friday, July 08, 2005

Day 1

Well, hamdulillah I arrived here in one piece. I spent the past couple of weeks browsing people's blogs, and one of my favorites is Mark's picture diary on Miskan. So, I decided I will do something similar in the week's I'll be here, although not nearly as seriously as Mark does..
At home I have cable internet, and although its not the fastest type, it's definitely faster than this ancient dial-up connection my folks have here, so if I get too many more grey hairs from waiting for pages to load, I will just quit the project....
Anyhow, one of my favorite thigs in Kuwait are sunsets. Somehow they are always beautiful. I took this at Marina Hotel. Maybe I'm too shy but there is no way I would run around in a bikini on the hotel's beach, with 6 zillion horny guys drooling a few meters away. There's hardly even a fence...
I was there with my dad, and after the sun was gone, we decided to check out THE ONE furniture shop, so we walked accross Marina Mall.
We were chit chatting and standing on that escalator thingy going through the passover from Marina Crescent to the mall, and there were these two young girls stading behind us. Then this young guy who was walking in the middle came over and started walking next to the escalator thingy (I know it has a specific name, maybe moving sidewalk??) and he repeated his phone number to the girls like 3 times. Then he saw the huge grin on me and my dad's faces and even said hi to us.
Everytime I go to Marina Mall, or any similar place where there's a lot of young people, I can't help but wonder how much time Kuwaiti girls spend getting ready before they go out. I guess there's a price to pay for always looking like one just stepped out of the salon.
While I'm not a religion expert, whats the point of wearing a hijab with capri pants?
I also saw the young guys wearing those rubber bracelets someone wrote about in their blog a few days ago.
All in all, Kuwait is just like I left it a few months ago. Although there seems to be a new hijab trend for the gilrs...
Anyway, its nice to be back :o)


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