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Monday, July 18, 2005

Day 11

I ended up going to the beach, and ended up getting a sunburn. I was swimming around in the water for an hour, so only my shoulders got burned. It was great though, I love the sea, even though there’s like twenty-some sewage pipes in Kuwait that dump stuff straight into the water. At least that’s what I heard, and quiet frankly I wouldn’t be surprised. You can actually see something that looks like sewage flowing into the sea close to Fahaheel on the Google Satellite map.
So, as I wrote, yesterday I was down there, because I had to take some shirts to the laundry in Fintas (please don’t ask why we go to the laundry in Fintas when we live in Jabriya. There’s no sensible explanation). I was so distracted by all the construction and new buildings down there that I actually missed the Fintas coop at first, and was already past Fintas Towers when I figured I had to make a U-turn. For many years we lived in Mangaf, Abu-Halifa and Mahboula (yes, crazy woman), and I used to go to ESF. Everything changed SO much though.

Today I was roaming around Kuwait City, accompanying a friend on running errands, and noticed a cool mosaic on a building. I actually really like the buildings that were built in the 60s and 70s, they are so retro. Too bad they’ll be getting torn down eventually, and replaced by ugly skyscraper glass monsters.
It must have had been at least 90% humidity. Every time I got out of the air-conditioned car, my glasses got foggy.
A note to Mark: Someone suggested I buy a room humidifier as that might help my throat. (When it’s actually not humid outside) I checked at Al-Ghanim in Shuwaikh, and they had some starting from KD17.


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