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Friday, July 22, 2005

Day 16

Kuwait is a country of paradoxes. Even when people ask me about it at home, they either think everything is made of gold here, or that people still ride around on camels and live in tents.
We went to my favorite Indian restaurant for lunch today, Oriental in Kuwait city. Yumm.

As we were emerging from the underground parking lot next to Salhiya complex I noticed something interesting. If I looked right, there was the Marriott and Salhiya complex lined with shops like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany. On the left there’s what can be best described as a slum. I wonder where these people will live once the last of these buildings will be torn down. The two pictures below were taken from the same spot, one towards my left, the other towards my right. Of course from this angle all I could find was a Givenchy sign that implies the fancy shops of Salhiya complex.

These three pictures were also taken from almost the same spot. Although I did walk a few steps and changed directions, to get out from under the arcades.
Kuwait city has to be the most paradoxical place of all in Kuwait. As the pictures show, old and new, nice and ugly, shiny and dull, clean and dirty can be found coexisting a few meters from each other.


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