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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Day 2

I had all sorts or errands to run today, so I took pictures of things I thought interesting on the way.
I pulled up at a friend’s house in Salmiya, and as I was getting out of the car, what did I see? An empty bottle of whiskey…(picture 1) Shino hatha? Tsk, tsk…

I had to stop at Souq Shark and had to do some shopping, and as I was getting to my car I noticed how nice the pier looked. (picture 2) I love how with digital cameras one can take pictures of the sun directly. This picture would look even cooler if there were more people on the pier.

As I was making my way towards Shuwaikh on the Gulf Road, I noticed how this poor guy managed to hit a bus stop with his 4X4. (picture 3) There is nothing else on the curb for kilometers, except this one bus stop, which he hit straight on.

Then I turned around and saw these people taking a dip in the water, and quickly took a picture of them. (picture 4) I wasn’t sure if they would appreciate me taking photos, so I didn’t have time to zoom, so they can barely be seen. But I think it still turned out to be pretty. You can’t see that it was actually an old lady in full niqab walking with a stick and two young kids.
Our satellite dish got busted, so I was actually browsing the KTV channels last night. On one of the Arabic channels they were showing a concert live from what appeared to be the ice skating rink. What kind of concert was that? Does anyone know? Are there going to be more? I want to go…Where can tickets be purchased? For how much? If someone has info please don’t keep it a secret. Then all I’ll have to do is find someone to drag along…


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