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Monday, July 11, 2005

Day 4

This morning I went to the beach. Messilah public beach. Today was women only day. As usual, the coast guard was stationed a few kilometers off the coast, with the sailors probably fighting over the binoculars. A friend of mine who is in the navy said with the type of binoculars they have they can see what color eyes the girls on the beach have.
Maybe someone can tell me why women put henna on their entire body? It looks really scary from far away, kind of like blood. And then they go sit on the plastic chairs and beds which stay red forever. They usually wash it off in the sea, and it ends up looking like a shark attack has taken place, because the water turns red all around. Their color doesn’t seem to change though, so why do they do it?
I also find it amusing how every time people show up at the beach they are surprised that the sand is burning hot. I mean surely they have been to the beach before, but every time there’s much running and screaming. Then you get the girls who want to get across the sand in high heel sandals. Of course they get stuck, then their feet begins to burn, and the yelling begins. Always.
I love the beach though. The water was enjoyable, not piss warm, but refreshing. It was a little bit low tide though.
On the way home I stopped at Naif to get a chicken filet sandwich. I pulled up at the place and waited for the guy to come out and take my order. I waited and waited and waited. I thought maybe they didn’t see me, so I rolled over to be exactly outside the door. Still nothing. The cashier inside actually started reading a newspaper! Normally I go in and order, but coming from the beach firstly I was in shorts, my hair was all stuck together from the salt, and I was covered in sand, so I didn’t really want to get out of the car. They never came…I was so pissed off. I guess I should have honked but I don’t like that, so instead I went around the corner to another Naif and there the Egyptian waiters were very friendly. I wanted to give a tip, but they actually thought I can’t count and brought back the extra money. I didn’t know how to say tip in Arabic.
The weather was gross today. Is the sky ever going to be blue again? Here’s what the steps looked like outside our house. Yuck.


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