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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Day 9

Well, I slacked off for a couple of days, but hopefully that won’t happen again :o)
My first Kuwaiti weekend was ‘aight. I hung out with an old friend of mine, he kind of had a small gathering. We had a mini BBQ in the kitchen and watched Suspect Zero. It wasn’t a scary movie per se, but I definitely checked the backseat before driving off to see if anyone was hiding there to kidnap me.
Friday we went to the Crown Plaza for lunch at the sea-food restaurant. I don’t like sea food that much, so they sent over a waitress from the Steakhouse, and I could order steak. It was really yummy. That place looks like a fort now with those concrete walls blocking the entrance.

In the evening I tried to get into Sultan Center Salmiya, but for some unknown reasons there was no parking place at all at 10 pm. So I decided to drive over to Souq Shark. Even Gulf Road was totally crowded, and there were people picknicking on the beach everywhere. The weather was nice, the temperature “plummeted” to just 40 degrees by midnight.
Today I started the day at Sabah hospital, at the ENT casualty, in an attempt to finally find out why my throat has been aching for 6 months. The first doctor I went to back home wanted to take my tonsils out immediately. A second one suggested I take aspirin for 5 days. And this one gave me multivitamins. I’m beginning to lose my trust in doctors…
The hospital was a little bit annoying, as the people who sit behind windows and give out stamps and do the paperwork don’t speak English, and think that if they speak really loud and fast in Arabic with lots of hand motions, I will magically understand. The weird part however is that if I ask a nurse or even a tea-boy, they speak perfect English.
As I waited I was quite satisfied with myself for understanding the anti-smoking ad that was hung on the wall across from me (in Arabic – hence the big deal) saying smoking is the fast way to death. It’s nice to see that Kuwait finally has some sort of anti-smoking program.

After this, with my throat still aching, I went to roam around Souq Mubarakiya with a friend who is leaving for good and needed to do some last minute souvenir shopping. We bought niqabs and dishdashas (to be worn at fancy dress parties back home), and reached the sari-souq too late as they were closing already. I rarely go to Kuwait city, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was worried it will be too crowded, but it wasn’t bad at all.

One place I avoid though is the Sheraton roundabout. I got sucked into it a few times, and I always feared for my life.Finally, another picture of the wide range of fauna that can be found around our house. One has to be really careful walking around in the garden at night as it’s real easy to step on one of these little guys.


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