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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh Lord would you buy me…a Ford Mustang!

Since I am a girl, naturally cars don’t interest me as much as let’s say yesterday's BHS 25% sale (yes, I’m stereotypifying women :o)
However, there’s one specific car that makes my heart beat faster. Ford Mustangs. Sigh. Today I was on the Gulf Road, and saw the 2005 model for the first time in real life, at a gas station. Mashallah, it was beautiful. Black. Of course my camera wasn’t with me, but since 5 minutes later I saw another one (red), I’m guessing there’s more out there.

I was seriously contemplating how to ask the owner if I could at least sit in it. I think he saw me looking and drooling.
I know, I know, Mustangs are geezy cars, but I can’t help it. Ebyyyyyyyy wahed.


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