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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Day 28

Note to self: NEVER go to the Friday Market in the summer. Or actually ever, because it sucks.
Yes, we felt like getting roasted so we headed to the Friday Market this morning. Since it has been moved under the shades and reorganized we couldn’t even find what we were looking for, so the trip was pointless.
The picture of the car’s thermometer was taken EXACTLY as the minute digit changed from 11:11 to 11:12. Pretty cool.

In the evening we went to the Chocolate Bar at Marina Crescent, and had their chocolate fondue. Mmmmmmmmmm. If you’re a chocolate lover, definitely try it. They give three types of molten chocolates (white, dark, milk) and strawberries, bananas and two types of cookies to dip into it. Mmmmmmmmmm. It was four of us eating it, but we were all full by the end. It’s a little overpriced at KD 6, but trying it once is definitely worth it. Mmmmmmmmm.
I wonder how many calories are amassed in that place.

I took two shots of Marina Mall from the Chocolate Bar’s balcony. I could set my camera down on the ledge, hence the pictured didn’t get smudged.

There were some guys on jetskis trying to grab attention in the marina.


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