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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Day...I don't know, I lost count :o)

I slacked off again for a few days. Although other than going to the beach and suffering with my thesis, I haven’t done much. I guess the three days of sand storms was the perfect time to stay home and write. I’m still not finished though, it’s just really getting on my nerves.
I had to drop off the Focus at the Ford service center today for the 75,000 km service. The guy who was in charge of my papers kept calling me sweetie. When he first said “Follow me, sweetie” I thought I heard wrong. When he said “Sign here, sweetie” I was like hmmmmm, ok. Finally when he said “See you in the afternoon, sweetie” I thought, ok, I’m definitely not coming to pick up the car alone, but bringing a MALE friend.
Then they called a cab for me, and as I was about to get in the front seat, the driver shook his head and said “No, in the back.” Apparently there’s a rule here that you can’t sit in the front if you’re a woman alone. One learns something new every day.
KD 2.5 is way too much for a cab ride. I mean he can fill up his Proton Wira with gas from that much money.


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