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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Entertainment City...yipppppy

Tonight we went to Entertainment City, in Doha. There were hardly any people around, only the free rides had a queue, but we didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes at any of them. What's cool is that the park is open until 1am.
It was a friend of mine, my boyfriend and I. My friend and I were most interested in roller coasters, unfortunately one of the two coasters was under maintenance. The one that was working was awesome though. It had a loop, screwdriver, the works. We rode on it three times. The first time I didn’t open my eyes at all. The second time I did, and screamed. The third time I was all relaxed. The only problem was that we kept banging our heads against the supposedly cushiony thingy they pull down over you. I got a small headache from it.

We also rode the water coaster and got completely soaked. It took us only like 5 minutes to dry again though. We also had a go kart race in which I lost miserably.
Apparently there was a malfunction with the viewing tower sphere thingy, and it got stuck midway, so they had to rescue people using a fire engine. There was a huge crowd that gathered around to watch, and every time the rescuers brought down a group of people, there was much clapping and cheering.

On the way out I took some shots of funny trashcans, our shadows on the wall, and my friend as she was looking at her camera. I had my camera on night vision, and so the people walking by are all smudgy. My friend however was standing completely still, so her picture is sharp.
I didn’t know I could do this...


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