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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A little history lesson

I was reading for one of my classes called "The Making of the Modern Arab Gulf" and I came accross something I haven't heard of before in a chapter describing British Policy in the Gulf.
According to my book, when they were negotiating the borders of Kuwait and Saudi in 1922, Saudi got two-thirds of the territory claimed by Kuwait. Also known as the the Treaty of Uqair. I found a site describing the events surrounding the Treaty here.

Weird coincidence, but Hungary also lost two-thirds of its territory at the Treaty of Trianon, after World War I, in 1920...of course it was a somewhat larger terrotiry than in the case of Kuwait.

This class is looking to be very interesting. For next weekI have to present a reading on Merchant families in Kuwait. I seriously can't wait to get to the library tomorrow to start reading :o)


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