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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My course

So, finally I have a little time today. I'm awful at time management, and the workload for my classes seems like it's going to be so huge that if I waste one day not doing my readings and what not, I will be screwed and will end up having to pull all-nighters already...(this was a description of the past 5 days)

Our MA group is very small, there's only three of us specifically studying Gulf studies. (There's only around 20 people in total doing their masters at the department of Middle East studies).
There's one Italian girl, a Kuwaiti guy and me. Both are very nice. For the Kuwaiti guy, I have to say I've met very few Kuwaitis with such dedication. It only took us a few minutes to come up with a list of people we both know, even though he's somewhat younger than me. Small small Kuwait...
The professors are also excellent, our advisor/coordinator is a Canadian, and he loves to assign us 300 pages to read for each class.

I'm also giving yet another attempt to actually learn Arabic. According to the back of the book, by the time I finish the book, I will reach "the treshold of an advanced level of proficiency" in Arabic. We'll see about that :o)
A little disturbing, the back of the book also says that it will "gradually introduce students to Egyptian Arabic, the most widely spoken dialect in the Arabic-speaking world."
I'm not too keen on sounding like a saeedy (or saeediya?) :o)


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