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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Please drive on the left :o)

Well, I’ve been offline for quite a while now, first because my boyfriend was visiting Budapest and I only went home to sleep and change clothes, and then because I was without internet since arriving in the UK, for more than 2 weeks now. But finally I’m back in cyberspace…

First of all, Ramadan Kareem to everyone!

Well, my first few days here in the Southwestern part of England were quite hectic. I was supposed to live in one of the university’s accommodations, but the room they allocated for me was so bad, that I even considered leaving all together. Then, hamdulillah, we found a perfect room in a freshly renovated house with its own bathroom, and best of all, its own fireplace. It’s small but really cute. In that other place I would have been too scared to take my shoes off or sleep in that bed, it was so nasty. I lived in several dorms before, but I think I’ve grown out of them and just gotten too comfortable.
The room is in a house that will eventually have 8 people living in it, but so far it’s just 3 Greeks, another Hungarian and me. The other rooms haven’t been let yet.
The best thing is that everything in the house is brand new, and we’re the first tenants.
The town is pretty big, it has quite a long shopping street, and because of the university and another college it’s full of young people. Actually it seems like most houses on my street are also let to students.
Here are some pictures of the house…

…and my room window from the outside…
…and my desk and my computer…
…and the view from my window… Oh, and my fuzzy little roommate Jack. He arrived in a box last week from my boyfriend… :o)


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