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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ramadan Greetings

Every year I make a point to send all my Muslim friends an e-card at Ramadan.
It only takes 5 minutes, and I do the same at Christmas and even Diwali (for Hindu friends).

This is the email I got back from one of the recipients of my Ramadan Greetings sent out last week:

one of the primary reason i anxiously await the arrival of ramadan is to hear from u...i can always count on that sweet lil something from u...surprising that i can count on ur ramadan congrats more than most other muslims i know, but it only proves to show the true character of a person. and u r a precious gem! at least to me....

This email has definitely made my day :o) Better yet, my whole month!

I loved Ramadans in Kuwait. I think they're the best part of the year. Even if one is not from a Muslim family, you can totally feel it in the air...
Here in England unfortunately you can't feel anything...


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