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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Intoxicating or toxic?

I was washing my hands in a ladies’ room in Souq Sharq the other day. There was a girl prettying up besides me. She re-arranged her hejab, fixed her make-up and also decided to freshen up her perfume. I don’t know why, but I counted that she spritsed herself 15 times with her perfume.
Do you think that’s normal?
I kind of thought that’s a little excessive, but maybe I’m just the weird one for not wearing enough perfume. A bottle generally lasts me 9-12 months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no it is no normal!!! but they think it is!!! have u ever been close to one of this person and then u can smell Body Odor (they dont wear any deodorant) but yes they spray 15 times perfume and the mixture is horrible!!!!!

7:43 AM, December 26, 2005  
Blogger :: muslim artist :: said...

mebbe she had pheromones in her bottle, and needed a kick to attract some poor fool...

8:35 AM, December 26, 2005  
Anonymous Rami said...

I don't think it's normal but I was discussing this with a friend of mine that was doing almost the same thing. He was saying that he finishes around 8 100ml-125ml bottles a month.

11:06 AM, December 27, 2005  

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