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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Are you an armrest hogger??

There are two types of human beings: those who hog the armrest on an airplane and those who don’t.
I’m in the latter group. I generally either chose an isle or a window seat on an airplane, so this way I usually manage to secure one armrest. The only time I have both to myself is when I don’t have anyone sitting next to me, or when the person sitting next to me goes to the bathroom or leaves his seat for some reason.
Generally I’m either squished up against the window or half hanging out into the isle. I’ve been told I have a big (1.5 m) aura (don't ask), and I sure hate it when people sit in it, so I prefer to pull away as much as possible.

I wish I could just sit down and hog the armrest and not worry about making the person next to me uncomfortable. The person sitting next to me almost always takes the armrest without thinking twice.

On my flight yesterday the b$%^& (excuse my language) was so unaware of herself that while reading a magazine she poked me in the side with her elbow every time she turned the page. Marie Claire has a lot of pages and that meant a lot of pokes for me, despite my evil look throughout the flight.

Insensitive people really piss me off. They go through life like a bulldozer running over everyone and don’t even notice.

Ignorance is bliss, but only for the ignorant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pokers r not so bad as people with BO that is horrible my last trip i had this lady oh my she smell so bad and the more i try not to smell her the stronger it got

7:47 AM, January 11, 2006  
Anonymous Pearls said...

Lol, that reminds me … I’d usually feel so distracted when I go to the movies because as always I’d end up seated in front of a hyperactive kid; who starts kicking at my chair and almost fidgeting with everything else!

It drives me nuts ...

All I can do is give that little kid a fake smile and cross my fingers in hope that he/she would stop!

7:15 PM, January 11, 2006  

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