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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Every land is Kerbala, and every day is Ashoora

The concept of Ashoora has long interested me. I have seen pictures, heard rumors, but it was only last year that someone explained to me what it’s all about.

There is one thing, however, that I don’t understand. As far as I know being a descendant of Prophet Mohammed is revered and honored by all Muslims.
But then how come only a fraction of Muslims are upset that Prophet Mohammed’s grandson(s) (and other family members) were not just simply killed, but tortured, tormented and were purposefully eradicated?


Anonymous Pearls said...

Exactly and I don’t understand either. This topic has been long discussed by scholars, and I don’t think they’ve found a definite answer to your question.

I just know that it's not right to celebrate on these days. And it's only right to express my sorrow & grief towards this tragedy as a Muslim.

9:41 PM, February 08, 2006  
Blogger Temetwir said...

the thing that happened was that the "rulers" at the time were the Ummayads

the "prince's" name was Yazeed, his father is Mu'aweya, and his grandfather was Abu Sufyaan

Mu'aweya and Abu Sufyan are disputed on heavily in islamic history .. and therefore the shee'a sect of muslims have their differences with them becoz of everything they did to the Prophet PBUH and Imam Ali (imam Husain's father)

while a large sect of muslims, Sinna, regard Mu'aweya as the "prince" (this is only a rough translation, not literal) and therefore is regarded highly by a lot of people

only the problem is, to talk about why Imam Husain was made to fight Yazeed's army (in the command of Amr Ibn Sa'ad and Ubaydala Ibn Ziyad), would require to get the full background

what happened, and how.. and why

so the Shee'a sect of muslims regard this day as THE tragedy of all time (and it sure is) because imam Husain was not only killed, but all of his brothers and sons (only Imam Ali ibn Husain survived - he was sick and was not killed), as well as his friends (which included many great companions of the prophet.. aging over 80yrs old)

and after that, the women of those men and their children were made to travel to Damascus (bare in mind, these are the daughters of the PROPHET.. supposedly, Yazeed's army were 'so-called muslims'!)

so you see, it really is a disgrace.. and unfortunately a lot of other disgraces would have to come to surface

im sure if a Sinni brother of mine would read this, he would flip .. but i am also as certain that if he consults history (as a neutral source, and not only translated text) he or she would see what i mean

however, nowadays.. a number of Sinna actually do feel sad for what has happened to the grandchildren of the prophet, and what disgrace that Yazeed has brought

bare in mind, Yazeed was always drinking and encouraged singing and all that instead of the Arab tradition of sitting and exchanging poetry.. basically he was a very bad example of what a muslims should be, but the irony is that people seem to never name him

your topic is quite general.. but please, if you have any questions do ask

i will try to be as neutral as possible, but bear in mind that i am a muslim of the shee'ey sect :)

5:05 PM, February 09, 2006  
Blogger q8Sultana said...

Thanks Temetwir for the details

What I'm trying to ask though, is why aren't ALL Muslims sad that the Prophet's grandchildren and other relatives were killed.

11:05 PM, February 09, 2006  
Blogger Temetwir said...

basically, it's because they simply (nowadays) do NOT KNOW what had REALLY happened

i mean, i can answer your question by saying: a large number of muslims to this day praise Yazid, who was in charge of murdering imam Husain in the first place! and that is attributed to the fact that islamic history (and NOT the quran) was tampered with by the Ummayads (yazid's tribe) to cover up this story (which by the way at the time Yazid claimed that he would be fighting Turks, becoz he knew if he said the sons of the prophet the ppl would have a field day)

you see the problem now?
a lot of the muslims now KNOW that Yazid had murdered him, but still regard him as a true ruler of the Ummayad caliphate and therefore respect him nevertheless

what irony

and then again, a lot of muslims don't even KNOW about the life of imam Husain (which i wrote about yesterday) and what kind of a great man he was since he was raised by his grandfather and father

all they know is "oh yeah that man who was murdered in Karbala"

therefore, it is simply IGNORANCE

so much in fact, that to this day, u get people who THINK that imam husain is exclusively for the shee'a sect

i hope that makes it clear.. ?

1:19 AM, February 10, 2006  

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