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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The modern bedouin

The Bedouin used to roam the deserts, always on the move, not having one place to call home, herding their livestock and looking for greener pastures.

I can identify with that. I roam the globe like a Bedouin, except instead of herding camels and sheep across deserts, I herd suitcases and bags of various shapes and sizes across coach terminals and train stations, subways and airports, always looking for ‘greener pastures,’ always going home.

I’m setting out across half the world again tomorrow. My bus leaves at 5am. I’m meeting a friend for brunch around 10:30 in London. I’ll be making my way towards Luton around 1, and my flight home takes off after 3. By the time I catch a cab and get through the Saturday night traffic in Budapest and get home, it’ll be close to 9pm.

Then on Monday I start over. I’ll be making my way back to the airport around 8am. I’ll have a good 6 hour layover in Istambul. I have books, two seasons of Friends and my camera to keep me entertained. I’ll be expected to scramble out of Kuwaiti customs in the wee hours of Tuesday.

InshAllah has to be added to all this.

I go into survival mode when I travel. Traveling, especially alone with way too much luggage, is so frustrating and there’s so many chances for things to go wrong, that the only way I can handle it is if I prepare for the worst. Then, usually, in retrospect things don’t look that bad.

So, next blog entry will be from my good old green room in Jabriyah.



Anonymous Tantalize said...

Weren't you in Kuwait a short while ago? Easter break? If so; isn't it too early?

Anyhow himdalla ala salama.

8:07 PM, March 20, 2006  

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