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Friday, March 24, 2006

Re: Flying Bulls

Mark posted about the Flying Bulls Air show that will be taking place at Marina Crescent from 4pm tomorrow (Friday). I'd like to grab this opportunity to be patriotic, and just mention here as a side note that one of the pilots is from Hungary. Here's a little about him from the Flying Bulls website :o)
Peter Besenyei
The solo pilot and three-time world champion from Hungary is a member of the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team. His creation of the Red Bull Air Race has made him famous the world over. His solo displays are legendary, and his absolute cold-bloodedness and precision have been enthusing hundreds of thousands of spectators at the great international airshows for many years now.
Peter Besenyei from Hungary is one of the very best: ten-time Hungarian Aerobatics Champion, European Champion, three-time World Champion and FAI Grand Prix winner are just a few of the credits he has to his name.
Peter Besenyei doesn´t just fly breathtaking figures—he also develops them. One of his greatest successes is the Inverted Flat Spin. In this maneuver, the airplane revolves around an imaginary point, nose-first and—of course—upside-down. When he presented this maneuver for the very first time, even some of his stunt-pilot colleagues were speechless. And these are folks who have seen their share of amazing moves.
In 2003, Besenyei created the Red Bull Air Race. In doing so, he lent aerobatics a whole new dimension: six-to-eight aerobatics pilots fly full-speed through a sort of slalom course, one after the other. The fastest one wins. The Red Bull Air Race is pretty much the most exciting thing that aerobatics currently has to offer.
The Hungarian made his first flight at the age of 15 in a sailplane. He quickly got infected with the aerobatics bug, however, and his second-ever competition already saw him take second place. Today, his tool of choice is the blindingly fast Extra 330.
Even if you’ve seen him do it a hundred times: an ambitious aerial display by Peter will never fail to leave you at a loss for words.


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