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Saturday, May 06, 2006

One step forward, two steps back...

There's been some coverage in the Kuwaiti newspapers in the past few months of a proposition of forming a national women's football team. Of course it was immediately opposed by Islamist MPs, saying it was against religion, contradicting Kuwaiti social norms and traditions.

Today when I read the following in a book written in 1971, I couldn't help but laugh at the optimism of the time:

It hardly seems credible today that there used to an anti-sports attitude in Kuwait. Moreover, the early Muslim teachers preached against public exposure of shoulders, chest and thighs - which sounded the death knell for sports. In particular, in the old days schoolgirls were never permitted to participate in any form of physical exercise. In the past they were veiled, their bodies enshrouded in black, gruesome cloaks almost before they reached puberty. Today it is common and seemly for schoolgirls to take part in public sports. At the first Arab school sports held in Kuwait, in November 1963, at the Shuwaikh Secondary School Stadium, some 70,000 spectators watched girls from local schools give an impressive gymnastics display....
All this represents an enormous step forward.
John Daniels: Kuwait Journey (1971)


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