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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Water Towers

Back in the day, Fadibou had a post about the blue-white striped water towers that can be seen in various parts of Kuwait:

Well, today in the library I found a book called Kuwait: The Making of a City by Stephen Gardiner, and here's the bit it had about the the blue-white striped towers as well as the Kuwait Towers. Apparently there were 4 sets of the blue-white striped towers complete by 1977, and the Kuwait Towers are the the fifth set of water towers.
Water tower design in Kuwait is unique, revolutionary and more remarkable than any in the world. How did it happen?...
In 1965, the Swedish firm of VBB, headed by the architect, Professor Sune Lindstrom, was called in to provide this complex and ambitious work of engineering and design. By 1977, it was complete, and what we see if it are five groups of marvellous forms, standing about at various strategic points like enormous pieces of city sculptures. Constructed of concrete, coloured, or pure white, or, in the case of the country’s Islamic symbol, the Kuwait Towers, partly decorated, these giants have strong associations with the abstractions of geometry that brought order to the disorder of natural forms…
Together with the Kuwait Towers, the four groups of water towers won the Aga Khan 1980 Awards for excellence in design.
Stephen Gardiner, Kuwait: The Making of a City (p 121-123) (1983)

There's a whole lot more about how Islamic architecture was applied to the towers. What I don't understand is why they call the Kuwait Towers "the country's Islamic symbol."


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