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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chador Etiquette

I came accross this article today, and it made me smile...

Chador Etiquette
By Christine Michaud

Darkness had fallen on the quiet bay almighty Saddam once set ablaze for months on end. All across the city, muezzins perched atop neon-lit minarets were calling believers to prayer, their blaring chants echoing off into desert and sea. The timing was perfect. Hugging a black cloak around me, I slipped out into the warm winter night.

A few blocks from the nearest mosque, four women walking closely together passed me by. In addition to the standard chador – a large black cloak and head covering – they wore a black gauze that completely covered their faces and gloves that forbade any sight of their hands. Like black ghosts, they silently floated away down the narrow alley, leaving but the scent of their expensive perfume to be remembered. Tonight, I had decided to be one of them. Having similarly concealed my alienating fairness under silky veils, I could be just another black ghost in the land of Allah.

Or I could make an all-time fool of myself.

[the rest of the story]

So is the word chador used in Kuwait? I was under the impression that a chador was something like an abaya that they wear in Iran. But the word is all over the place on the internet, books, articles, so maybe I just never heard it used in Kuwait or something...